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Rapunzel : A tangled tale

smlm tgk citer rapunzel dgn anak buah. 3d animation. 1st time tgk 3d... ekekeke. best jugak citernya walaupun cartoon...

The story begins with a narration by Flynn: Long ago, a single ray of sun hit the ground, creating a magical flower. The flower had the ability to heal. A witch, Gothel, decided to use it to keep herself young, but the only time the magic worked is when she would sing the flower a song. Centuries later, a large kingdom developed. As its queen was expecting a child, she fell ill and the whole kingdom looked for the mysterious flower. One night when Gothel went to use the flower, she was cut short by citizens wandering through the forest looking for it. She ran excitedly, knocking over over the camouflage that she had placed over the flower and a royal guard found it. The flower was used to heal the queen and she gave birth to a girl whom they named Rapunzel.

The flower's magic gave the young princess golden hair and healing powers. As revenge for having lost the flower, Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel. For years Gothel kept her in an isolated tower, always brushing her hair and telling her that the world is a cruel and evil place into which she should never go. But every year on her birthday, Rapunzel peered out the tower window looking at strange lights floating from the city. Unbeknownst to her, the lights were floating lanterns that the royal couple and the citizens released each year on the birthday of the princess (Rapunzel), longing for her return.

As her eighteenth birthday nears, Rapunzel is still in the tower, has a pet chameleon named Pascal, and has seventy feet of golden hair that she uses as a tool to help her "mother" get up and down from the tower. She tells Pascal that she has no need to venture out into the world and that all she needs is there. She sings about her repetitive life of cleaning, reading, cooking, painting, and brushing her long hair. Though she wants to go outside, she convinces herself that Gothel is right and remains there. During the song, Rapunzel paints a picture of herself watching the annual floating light show.

Gothel appears, berating Rapunzel with "joking" intimidation and ridicule, demonstrating how she has been able to fool Rapunzel to stay secluded. Rapunzel musters up the courage to ask the witch to take her to see the lights for her birthday, but Gothel brushes off the question and begins to sing a song ("Mother Knows Best") about all the dangers in the world and how naïve Rapunzel is.

Miles away, a thief, Flynn Rider, and twin thugs heist from the royal castle the tiara of the missing princess. As they flee they are chased by the royal guard. At a dead end, the twins boost Flynn to the top of a small cliff, anticipating him to help them up. But Flynn has swiped the bag containing the tiara on his way out and leaves them to their fate.

After a confrontation with a guard which Flynn wins, he flees, only for the guard's white stallion, Maximus, to continue the chase without his rider. Flynn happens upon Rapunzel's tower and scales it to hide in it. Rapunzel knocks him out with a frying pan and traps him in an étageré. She discovers in his bag the tiara. When Gothel returns, the women argue, and Rapunzel decides to not tell Gothel about Flynn. She instead formulates a plan to get Gothel to leave for a few days: for her birthday, she wants the white paint that her mother makes from sea shells. Reluctantly, Gothel packs and leaves.

Rapunzel ties Flynn to a chair with her hair. Pascal awakens him and Rapunzel cuts a deal: if he takes her to the lights and then takes her back there, she would give him his bag. Flynn tries to get out of this by wooing her, but Rapunzel is unaffected, so he agrees to the deal. As her feet first touch grass, she sings and dances, but is soon conflicted between the elation from the new experience and the guilt of disobedience. Meanwhile, Gothel meets Maximus, noting that it is a horse of the royal guard without a rider. Sensing possible trouble for Rapunzel, she rushes back to the tower and finds no one there, but does find the tiara and a "Wanted" poster of Flynn in the bag hidden under the stairs.

The pair arrive at a seedy pub filled with thugs. One recognizes Flynn and they all fight to claim him to get the reward. Outraged, Rapunzel confronts the men, stating that she needs Flynn to complete her dream of seeing the lights and asking if any of them has ever had a dream. All the thugs then sing (and dance) about their un-met dreams. An unnoticed Gothel watches through a window. Before she can do anything, the royal guard enters with the twins in chains while one thug sneaks Flynn and Rapunzel to a secret tunnel. Maximus smells their trail and finds the passage. The twins escape and leave a different way, planning revenge. Outside, Gothel asks a drunk man at knife-point where the tunnel ends.

The tunnel leads to a wooden dam. As the guards and the twin thieves separately pursue Flynn and Rapunzel, the pair escape into a closed-off cave. Because Maximus causes the dam to break, the surrounding area and the cave begin to flood. Flynn attempts to make an escape, but fails in the darkness and hurts his hand. Thinking that they will die, Flynn reveals that his real name is Eugene Fitz Herbert. Rapunzel explains that her hair glows when she sings. Realizing that it would light the cave, she sings, the cave is illuminated, they swim to a small clump of rocks, they remove the rocks, water forces them out into a river, and they swim to shore.

Gothel finds the thieving twins and hands them the tiara, but tells them that she could give them something worth much more if they would assist her in a scheme, to which they agree. Meanwhile, Rapunzel heals Flynn's hand with her hair. She explains that Gothel hid her in the tower to protect her from people who would want to selfishly take her hair for its power, and that if her hair is cut, it loses its power and turns brown. Flynn goes to collect firewood and Gothel reveals her presence. She pleads with Rapunzel to return to the tower, but Rapunzel refuses, claiming that she likes Flynn and that he might like her, too. The women confront each other in a song in which Gothel claims that the romance is in her mind. Before leaving, the witch gives Rapunzel the tiara in the bag and says that Flynn is only interested in it. Rapunzel hides the crown before Flynn returns.

In the morning, Maximus runs into the pair and attacks Flynn, but Rapunzel settles him down, gets on his good side, and asks the horse to strike a truce with Flynn. The group arrives at the king's city during the princess' birthday festival. That evening, Flynn rows Rapunzel out in a little boat to the middle of an adjacent lake to gain a good view of the lantern release. Rapunzel hands Flynn the tiara, saying that she now trusts him. Before they almost kiss, Flynn eyes the twins on a different shore. He rows there instead, telling Rapunzel that he would quickly return. Once he meets up with the twins, he claims that he is sorry and that they can have the tiara back. Instead of allowing him to leave, though, the twins say that they want the girl and knock Flynn out. They find Rapunzel, tell her that Flynn left with the tiara, and point to him steering a vessel bound for the city.

As the twins almost grab Rapunzel, Gothel knocks them out, backstabbing them to look like the hero. The women return to the tower. Flynn, whom the twins tied to the ship's wheel, awakens to find himself at the city dock with the tiara in his hand and some guards arresting him. A long-waiting Maximus sees this and realizes that his friend, Rapunzel, must be in danger. At the tower, Rapunzel is sitting on her bed and pulls out a small flag of the kingdom that Flynn gave her at the festival. She notices that its symbol, a burning, gold sun, looks exactly like the suns she has painted all over the tower's interior walls her whole life. In flashback, she realizes that the same sun was the design of a figurine that dangled in the mobile above her baby crib, and then realizes that she is the princess. She confronts Gothel.

In jail, as guards are escorting him to his death, Flynn sees the twins in a cell. Confronted, they tell him who has Rapunzel. Then the escorts are ambushed by the pub thugs. Flynn is catapulted from the prison and lands on Maximus. Flynn realizes that Maximus brought the thugs and the horse rushes him to the tower. When he calls for her, her hair falls. He ascends the tower to find a tied-up Rapunzel as Gothel stabs him. Before she can yank the princess down a once-hidden staircase, Rapunzel says that she will always fight Gothel until the day she dies, but if Gothel would release her long enough to heal Flynn, she would go away with Gothel willingly. Knowing Rapunzel will keep her promise, Gothel releases her. Rapunzel kneels and, just before she can kiss him, Flynn cuts off all her hair with a shard from a broken mirror (because he'd rather die than have her be a slave), causing her hair to turn brown. Gothel begins to age rapidly, screams and spins, and falls from the tower. When her clothing lands on the ground, Gothel is only dust. Rapunzel sings while she sheds a tear on Flynn's cheek as he dies. Because the tear has miraculous power, Flynn is resurrected, and Rapunzel, overjoyed, kisses him.

On a balcony at the palace, Rapunzel meets her parents for the first time. The queen pulls Flynn into the embrace. Flynn narrates that he married Rapunzel and that she ruled the kingdom as nobly as her parents had.

Mandy Moore as Princess Rapunzel
Zachary Levi as Flynn Rider
Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel
Brad Garrett as Hook-Hand Thug
Ron Perlman as Stabbington Brother
Jeffrey Tambor as Big Nose Thug
Richard Kiel as Vladamir
M.C. Gainey as Captain of the Guard
Paul F. Tompkins as Shorty Thug

The Complete Song List
"Prologue" by Donna Murphy as "Mother Gothel" and Erin Fitzgerald as "Young Rapunzel"
"When Will My Life Begin?" Performed by Mandy Moore as Rapunzel
"Mother Knows Best" Performed by Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel
"When Will My Life Begin? (Reprise 1)" Performed by Mandy Moore as Rapunzel
"When Will My Life Begin? (Reprise 2)" Performed by Mandy Moore as Rapunzel
"I've Got a Dream" Performed by Mandy Moore as Rapunzel and Zachary Levi as Flynn Rider and Pub Thugs
"Mother Knows Best (Reprise)" Performed by Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel
"I See the Light" Performed by Mandy Moore as Rapunzel and Zachary Levi as Flynn Rider
"Healing Incantation" Performed by Mandy Moore as Rapunzel
"The Tear Heals" (including "Healing Incantation") Performed by Mandy Moore as Rapunzel
"Something That I Want" by Grace Potter (Ending Credits)

Directed by
Nathan Greno
Byron Howard

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